Finding Forest Lodges the World Over

There is simply something magical about the forest. Wherever we go in this world, mankind always yearns to be back in a place that feels close to his innermost being. You might say it’s something primitive or primordial. Maybe it’s something left inside of us from an ancient past.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that nature brings a sense of tranquility and calm to our lives, even during tumultuous times.

There are so many different types of forests around the world. It’s possible to find a climate and topography suitable for all personalities. Some are wet, some are bitterly cold, some are hot, and some are incredibly old. But they have all something special about them, and our mission to help find the greatest lodges and resorts for you to experience the true essence of wild nature, wherever it is.

The many activities the forest offers

The other thing that makes nature lodges so wonderful is the endless array of activities to engage in while there. If you’re a birdwatcher, you can find the most beautiful looking and sounding birds that mother nature has to offer. If you’re an athlete, there’s mountain bikes and hiking trails to test even the most extreme athletes. If you love bugs and all things biology, there’s an enormous supply of insects to marvel at and examine or collect.

You can also learn a lot about the geology of a place simply by staying in a lodge and paying attention to the rock patterns and even the color and composition of the soil. A lot can be gleaned from simply having a book or other guide to help you determine what different rocks or patters in the land around you mean or how they were formed.

In short, being surrounded by trees and all the wild animals that make the forest their home, you can learn what it means to be human. You can connect with friends, family, and even yourself by witnessing firsthand all the beauty of the natural world.

Bringing you the best lodges and resorts

Our job is find the very best lodges and resorts around the world that give you that scenic experience to fill all your senses. We find places with sprawling lakes, deep green meadows, rolling hills, and towering peaks. You’ll experience rainstorms, lightning strikes, and gentle snowfall. You might hear the wind howl, see the trees sway, and watch the circle of life unfold before your very eyes.

Life is too great to be wasted sitting at home indoors. You’ve got to get out and become a person who appreciates the outdoors. Bring your family and bond with relatives and learn more about one another through your experience in the natural world. You won’t regret it, and your family will thank you for helping them to get away from their usual boring lives.

As you explore, we hope you’ll share with us what you find and help us to continue to add to the advice we give everyone so that we can provide great nearby or distant places for people to trek to. Help us get out and educate the world and rekindle our love of the outdoors.